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Red-tails rock! ...

It's almost the weekend and we're feeling sassy!

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Even though 2 of the babies died, the remaining baby is looking great. ...

We have empty nest syndrome at the Downtown Huntsville Library. Our sole surviving red-tailed hawk baby has flown the nest. We saw him (or her) perched on a fence this morning.

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Not too much time left to see the baby red tail hawks! They will flying the coop really soon! ...

Thanks to Don Brownlow, another update of the Red-Tailed Hawk family residing in the tall pines beside the Main Library: "May 26th Update: While the Red-Tailed Hawk eyas trio of Athos, Porthos and Aramis have drastically changed within a month’s time (as the inset photo shows), mom Zelda sticks to a tried & true formula: sheer off a large chunk of prey that the two older siblings can simultaneously work on; while she then shears a smaller selection for the youngest eyas – who is also clearly wise to this strategy as indicated by its awaiting open beak. The continued rapid growth of the eyas trio is a testament to Zelda's and dad Scott's nest-building and prey-catching prowess."

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