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A Little Bird in need told me, that He was going to make it, to return to the wild. I believe him! This male Red Tail Hawk came in Thursday - a severe state of dehydration/starvation. He has gained strength, is vocalizing. At his last feeding, he jumped out of his crate, vocalizing and clamping down on my fingers! In this case I was glad go feel the strength returning to his feet, and see the light to his eyes. Now he is in the transport network to be delivered to one of the most talented rehabilitation experts in the Southeast US - Katie Stubblefield at Alabama Wildlife Center. Rescuing these birds is intense. Any donations to our organizations help with these efforts. So far there have been 8 people involved in this process. #riseraptor ...

See one aspect of how we keep our birds mentally and physically healthy by flying them for dinner (an 'Enrichment' activity), as well as learning a little about raptor eye anatomy !
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At Rise I work with real-life Super Heroes: Our educators of the next generation. One of those heroes is 'Wanda Woman'. When she is not flying in her cape, leaping over text books in a single bound, and watching with an eagle eye on every student simultaneously with her super human owl eyeballs, she goes by the name - Wanda Lynette Mullins at Westminster Christian Academy! Wanda and all educators are our heroes! To help in our tribute to all educators of our children visit: