History & Culture

Many factors determine our ability to steward this world. However, few have greater impact than an understanding of history and culture.

 Understanding History

Indeed, there is nothing new under the sun.

Many have seen Curt Cearley, Executive Director at Native American events. His Native American relationship comes from one of his Cherokee grandmothers, Nanye-hi (Nancy Ward). It is with respect for our Native American ancestors that Rise teaches about Native America and its relationship to the most powerful birds in the world.

To depict an accurate portrayal of the people as well as their way of life is a high priority. For example, through marketing of such items as teepees many children and adults are led to believe Cherokee people lived in such. This is far from the truth. The Cherokee did not dwell in teepees. They were in fact much like their English neighbors in terms of housing.

Understanding Our Culture

Rise seeks to create an understanding of American culture. How we got here, what drives our economy, and how our way of life effects the world we live in are all points of interest. Topics such as money, government, consumerism, and waste are often discussed.

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September 19, 2017