Education motivates us.

We believe education is more than training or parroting facts. To be educated means to have an understanding and ability to apply knowledge to solve a problem.

At Rise Raptor Project we strive to deliver more than a bird show. True, the audience hears many interesting facts about birds of prey and their environment. Yet, we also seek to instill a desire and ability to “connect the dots.” Dots that lie in history, culture, economics, survival requirements, and many other factors culminating in our methods and ability to steward our world.

Westminster Christian Academy loves when Rise and Maximus come to visit! As a teacher, I love to hear the gasps of breath that take place as Maximus comes out of his cage! The 3rd grade students are struck with awe and wonder at this beautiful bird of prey! Mr. Cearley always does a great job explaining all of the amazing traits of the bird from the tip of its beak to the tips of its huge talons! He brings all kinds of props to share with the students to make his demonstration engaging and fun! I will never miss a year to have Rise come speak and share Maximus! Wanda Mullins – 3rd Grade Teacher Westminster Christian Academy

Rise Raptor Project Education

Conducting from 50 to 80 programs annually, we continue to grow Rise Raptor Project. Altogether, we have influenced thousands in our community. Through our custom program content we are able to reach a wide breadth of audience. Just a few of our audiences include:

A little “Thank you” like this one and so many others we receive goes a long way toward keeping us motivated too. Each one is unique and gives us a little boost to continue our mission. Rise Raptor Project Education Card

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August 17, 2017