A New Super Hero is on His Way!

Have you wondered who puts life into Batman, Deadpool, Wonder Woman, Superman, or X-Men?  One of those people is Nathan Massengill of Super Powelogosuperpoweredred Studios at Lowe Mill Arts Center, Huntsville, AL.

Nathan is famous for illustrating comics and graphic novels for Stan Lee, DC, MARVEL, and other projects.

Super Powered Studios and Rise Raptor Project have teamed to introduce a new super hero to the world, Maximus, The Guardian of Strixland in a new graphic novel written by Curt Cearley.  Maximus teaches students valuable lessons on the importance of reading and lifelong learning, and honors the real world super heroes of our society, teachers.

The story unfolds as students become lost in the great forest.  Elation, deception, danger, and plot twists emerge as a variety of new hero characters arrive to teach much needed lessons. At every step there are hidden symbolic meanings, which are explained in the second half of the book.  Topics include: the science of flight, birds of prey, endangered species, the foundation of America, and Native American History.

shopsuperpwdaTo aid in funding the book, Super Powered Studios and Rise are releasing beautiful artwork pieces personally signed by Nathan based on the book’s characters.

This book will support the education and conservation mission of Rise Raptor Project. All proceeds from the sale of this art will help fund further book development. Rise Raptor Project can only exist and continue with your help.  Your support is much appreciated!

Every colorful piece will be available by visiting the Rise Shop, or visiting:

Super Powered Studios at Lowe Mill Arts & Entertainment
Nathan Massengill

Studio 113
2211 Seminole Dr.
Huntsville, AL 35805